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Monday, July 20, 2015

Ready. Set. Write!

Weekend's over. . .so sad, but that also mean it's time for another update of Ready.Set.Write! This is a super summer writing intensive sponsored by AlisonKatyErinElodie and Jamiewhich helps us writers not to fall into complete summer laziness. And this summer seems to really be tough on the writing end.

How did I do on last week's goals?

- write second chapter, maybe a third on my WiP. - Nope, not done. My beta got back to me (yay!) and it's been a writing frenzy on those edits! I'm almost done and this thing will be out the door tonight. . .or tomorrow morning. So yep, count those goals met!

Goals for this next week?

With my manuscript off to agent hands (and crossing my fingers she'll like it), I'm finally going to attack my Fast Food Princess WiP head on!

- Write two chapters

A favorite line from my story or phrase/word that sums up what I wrote/revised. . .

More emotion, smoothing things out. . .Lol! Rewrites never end. That's one thing I've learned.

The biggest challenge I faced. . .

The same as always - time! This week I spent 4 days on the road, driving here and there and everywhere. A small part of me is actually not sad that school starts again in a few weeks.

Something I love about my MS. . .

My characters have grown on me. After several comments from readers and lots of contemplation, I decided to take something away from one of my bigger characters, a toy of hers. And part of me felt sorry for her. I know she's pouting that I did it, but I had to for moral compass sake. 

I wish I could give her a lollipop instead.

And what about you? How did your writing go?


  1. You took one of your character's toys? That is mean.

  2. I want to hear more about this Fast Food Princess -- sounds so cool. I'm not sad for school to start either.

  3. Best of luck finishing those edits! :) Your poor character. We writers are cruel to them. :P

  4. Congratulations on finishing your revisions! And I don't even want to know what toy you took away from your character.

  5. I love to hear about people getting sucked into a writing frenzy. It sounds so productive! Good luck wrapping up your edits and sending your ms off to your agent!

  6. You are so right about rewrites never ending. Yep. Sounds like you got a lot done this week. Sometimes a shift in goals is necessary, but you've made awesome progress from the sounds of it! Hope this is another great week!

  7. One of my betas got back to me too--I love getting notes. I'm also revising another project. You'll get a lot done when school starts again.

  8. Ah. The never ending rewrites. BUT after every revision, I always feel like my story is SO MUCH STRONGER. So, yay for them! Also, I've had to take some things away from my characters before and ugh, so hard! Good luck with your goals this week and way to go on finishing that revision!

  9. Yay for turning in your MS! Hope those edits go well for you this week :).

  10. i love getting feedback! so you got other goals accomplished =)
    and fast food princess? i love it!
    keep going!

  11. This week, I started sending my WIP to my beta readers. I'm nervous, but excited to see what they think. Hope your work continues to go well and you get some good feedback. ^_^

  12. Yay! I can't wait for an update on both stories! I feel sad for your character getting her toy taken away. I may be over-relating. Lol! I'm sure it was for the best though.

  13. Love seeing your progress! But sad face for your character and the loss of her toy :(

  14. Still need to research more. Penny is practiced in digging methods and she knows about the soils and rocks on Mars. Of course, we have not explored a fingernail fragment of the planet, but I need to know enough to improvise. For a job that seemed only a couple of hours...


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