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Monday, July 6, 2015

Ready. Set. Write! Check-in!

Good morning, Monday! Time for another update for Ready.Set.Write! This is a super summer writing intensive sponsored by AlisonKatyErinElodie and Jamie, which helps us writers not to fall into a complete summer laziness. Plus, it's a ton of fun.

Did I meet last week's goals???

- outline WiP - halfway
- rework first 2 chapters that were already written-ish - didn't even glance at them
- finish my garden table and chair refurbishing project so I can use them (has nothing to do with writing? Sure it does when I want to sit with my pencil and pad in the sun)  - halfway

But I don't see myself as a failure. My betas got my MS back to me at super, lightning speed, and since I'm kind of on a tight schedule with that one, I hit the revisions right away and am sending the MS to my 2nd round of betas today. So I consider my goals met but altered.

My goals for this week?

Note: If my next betas are as fast as the last, those revisions will make any other goals void because I need to get this one in my agent's hands soon.

- finish WIP outline
- rework several chapters
- finish that garden furniture

A favorite line from my story or a phrase/word which sums up what I wrote:

More brainstorming. . .more explanation

The biggest challenge I faced:

Time. Surprise visitors and a finger infection which required out-patient surgery for my daughter ate up tons of time this past week.

Something I love about my MS:

That my kids convinced me to rewrite this once shelved manuscript. I wrote it a few years ago, but it was a mess. Still, my kids never forgot the characters and have insisted I dig it out and redo it. So this is a work of love for them.

How was your writing week?


  1. If your kids loved the character in one of your old ms, I think it's worth a redo!!! Good Luck!

  2. Aww, I love that your kiddos have encouraged you to revisit a story. It says so much that your characters wouldn't leave them alone. :-) Best of luck with it, and with all of your goals for this week!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that your kids inspired you to unshelve an old WiP. Good luck with the goals this week! You can do it!

  4. Great job with the revisions! It's awesome that your kids persuaded you to go back to an old manuscript. I think that's a sign you should work on it! :)

  5. Good for your kids! Sometimes those old manuscripts turn out to be something cool.

  6. Goals met but altered...awesome! I've been there a few times during RSW myself. It may not be *exactly* what you were originally aiming for, but just as good! Hope this is another productive week, Tonja! :D

  7. Awesome that your kids are asking you to revive a manuscript. Gotta love that. I usually do a container garden and all I have out there are some chives. And it's July! I keep thinking I'll at least buy the cherry tomato plant.

  8. That's the thing about goals. You never what the week's going to toss your way and then you need to come up with a whole new plan. Sounds like you got a lot done, so that's great!

    I love that you decided to work on this ms because your kids wanted you to. There must really be something to it if your kiddos are still so invested in the characters. Best of luck on your goals this week, whether they're the ones you listed here or if they change mid week! :)

  9. LOVE that your kids influenced your choices. That's so sweet. Good luck this week and congrats on making the most of what sounds like a difficult last week!

  10. I love that your kids encouraged you to work on your old MS. That's a good sign! You may think it's a mess, but at least it has such strong characters that your kids still remember them. Good luck with your goals this week!

  11. Ack! Finger infection? Surgery? Nooo! I hope your daughter is doing better. And I'm so glad your kids convinced you to take this MS out again. It reminds me of this: http://www.cafepress.com/+never-give-up-frog+gifts

    Good luck with your second round of betas!

  12. Oh, I love that you were encouraged to dig this story back up! I wish someone would do that for me. ^_^ Yes, revisions trump other writing plans. I hope this next round comes back with lots of helpful and positive comments!

  13. I love that you consider your goals met but altered! That is exactly how life works, isn't it? How cool that your kids want more of your story. They must be thrilled you are working on it! Good luck with everything this week :)

  14. I think that's adorable that your kids are pestering you about the book! It must be worth it. :)

  15. It appears your kids worship you. This alone is great inspiration to you to complete the MS.

  16. I did watch Jurassic World. There was much to do, though, about family. This is not what a dinosaur addict wants to see, but now a thought struck me. The movie must do what I must do--make sure that everything is done to allow the audience to care about the characters. Clearly you succeeded in that your children really cared. I must resolve to see to it in my own story.

  17. Altering as life hits you is the name of the game. You did great. Good luck with further progress this week.

  18. I hope your daughter's finger infection is all cleared up, and I think it's awesome that your kids encourage your writing!
    Way to go with all of the work you've done!

  19. I change my goals all the time. You did plenty.

    So sorry about the finger infection.

  20. Oh, it's great that your kids love your characters! That's a good sign that you have something special there in that manuscript.


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