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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Holidays!

It's time for me to head off into the Christmas Season, which means I'm not going to post on here again until the new year. I will try to peek by many of your blogs, though (since I've been so awful with that the last weeks).
But until then. . .
Here's wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas
God's blessing for the next year!
Got to love ugly Christmas sweaters. Too bad they don't make them for pet tractors as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

IWSG - Don't get caught without those pants on

Welcome to another monthly meeting of an amazing chance for us writers to sit down together and pour out our hearts. Good or bad. Joy or sorrow. We finally let it out. Want to join in? Then head over to the founder of this super group, the man with a golden heart (or pen?) Alex J. Cavanaugh and join on in!
This month Alex co-hosts are:
 Heather Gardner, Eva E. Solar at Lilicasplace, Patsy Collins and me!
This month feels like a dream.
Not a good one... not a bad one... one of those that makes you want to stick your head under a rock and hide. Yep, I'm talking about that dream where you go to school/work/meeting and discover that you've forgotten to wear your pants.
Thank goodness, it's not my pants I'm forgetting. But this month, I am sending off my first chapters to a critique group (ahhh!!!!) That's almost as bad!
Now, this shouldn't bother me. It's not my first MS. Heaven knows it's not the first time people have taken a red pen to my work and ripped it to shreds. Honestly, I usually thrive on having my stuff thrown to the wolves to be mutilated and molded before being sent back (the only way to get better, right?) But this time, that little doubt man is making me question my ability to write. (Dumb little guy.)
Yep, I'm scared I'm going to loose my pants.
So, what am I going to do? Ignore it, march out into the middle of that spotlight and let my pants fall as they will. . .
because as writers that's what we have to do.
Plus, I'm betting those pants won't slide nearly as far as that little doubt man claims they will. 
IWSG has even gotten better! This wonderful bundle of hope, suggestions, tips and want-nots is now available!!! This is something no writer should miss.