Friday, March 13, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things

It's Friday again and time for this great hop - Celebrate the Small Things!!!  And the purpose of it is simply to put a smile on our faces. So many little things happen every week which make us smile, but then we forget them. Not anymore, thanks to Lexa Cain and her wonderful helpers.

L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Katie @ TheCyborgMom

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) Warm weather! It hit 80 degrees on Wednesday and it was beautiful. Okay, the rest of the week has been more in the lower 60's, but Spring is definitely on it's way. And with the warmer weather, we had our first visitors.

This cute little guy (a possum) was in our chicken coop!!! Luckily, he was more scared of my kids all trying to peek through the windows and doors then he was interested in trying to get the chickens. My oldest son wanted to 'chase' the possum out, so while he got a broom handle, he locked all the doors with possum and three chickens inside. Afterwards, my son and I sat down for a talk about how it might not be the best idea to close the predator in with the prey.

Yep, you guessed it. This is an armadillo. The things are cute, but a royal pain in the neck...and everywhere (worse than rabbits). Oh, and did you know they are the only mammal to carry leprosy? Yep, even here in the U.S. So no touch!

2) The Friends of the Library book sale! For a small town (only 4,000), we did great and earned over $1200 for new books in three days. More reading for me...*cough* I mean others.

3) Mud! *ssshhhhh* (This isn't something my hubs should hear. He's a gentle soul.) But now that all of the ice and snow has melted, our small dirt road has some pretty awesome *cough*...yes, awesome mud areas! My four-wheel beast (that's what I call my suburban with this great lift kit *manly grrrr*) and I have been having a little fun.

Oh, and if you have a second.... and if you've always dreamed that your grandma was a ninja. . .then head over to Bookworm for Kids to see this great new picture book for kids. Maybe I'm signing up for ninja classes soon.   Wait. Change that. I want to be a Grandma ninja. Training starts today!

And what about you? What has put a smile on your face this past week? See a butterfly yet? Get to dance in the rain? Did you buy yourself that pair of shoes you always wanted to have? Or maybe you're getting your motorcycle ready for the season? What are you celebrating????