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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It's time for. . . IWSG!

What is that?

Well, for those of you who don't know. . .the amazing founder of this awesome group, Alex J. Cavanaugh, says it this way:

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

This month, a huge thanks goes to the super-duper co-hosts:
 C. Lee McKenzie, Rachel Pattison, Elizabeth Seckman, Stephanie Faris, Lori L MacLaughlin, and Elsie Amata

It's also a big day since the IWSG Anthology is being announced! Head on over to Alex's to take a look at that.

I'm at a loss of what to babble on about today (Ha! Kind of like my writing in general, at the moment), so I'm sticking to the month's question:


This question gets me into trouble. You see, theoretically, I'm not all that busy. Or at least not in a scheduled way...and that's what gets my writing in trouble.

When I wake up in the morning, it might appear that I have an entire day to write. And this also might be the case...(for some reason, the more time I have to write are also the days where my muse usually decides to take a vacation. Go figure.)
On other days...I'm talking over 90% of them...I wake up in the morning, have only a slight idea of what the day might bring, and get ready for what's thrown at me.

For example. this last weekend....yes, the lovely 3 day one with a holiday...was supposed to be calm, relaxing, play with the kids a bit and even go hiking on Labor Day.

What happened?

Friday evening, my husband comes home, talks to the neighbor and declares: This weekend, we're going to hay his field!

In other words, there went my weekend since I now was in charge of fetching tractor parts (they always break-down a little---ALWAYS!), driving the tractor and hauling in hay bales.

So, my writing is spontaneously placed when the opportunity really arises. I would schedule it if I could. But it's more a 'grab those moments when they come and pray nothing suddenly pops up in between.'

How about you? How does your writing schedule fit in?


  1. Hey, whatever works! As long as you're writing, and you're enjoying it, then go for it. :)

  2. Hmmm . . . I hate to butt offer unsolicited advice (a bit of a lie, since I sort of love it, but anyway), have you considered taking control of your day? Like, when your husband says you're going to hay his neighbor's field, be like, "Um, that's when I had writing time scheduled. In the future, please ask me about these things in advance, b/c I would love to help." Or maybe just hay a day, or half day, or get someone else to help w/the tractor parts, etc. I know these things are easier said than done, and I struggle with them too. But in a way, we're partly responsible, b/c we *let* these things happen. We're teaching other people they can control our schedule.

    Also, since you know I don't seem to get your responses to these things (stupid g-mail settings or whatever), feel free to tweet or e-mail if you want to talk more about this, or just tell me to stuff it. :-)

  3. Don't you just hate it when life rears up and hijacks your day, especially those days you were planning to write during. Good luck with finding more time to write.

  4. If you don't put your writing first, no one else will. Ilana wrote a great comment. It's what I thought, too. And, as she said, easier said than done. Good luck with carving out time to write.

  5. Like I said in my post--the longer I know I have or think I have during the day to write, I will take forever. Like, I'll write 50 words, then Internet. Then another 50, Twitter. Another 50, Facebook. Ridiculous!

  6. Hey, a good deed always kicks the trash out of writing. =) I'm totally into the seize-the-moment mentality. It's what I live on. Actually, I'm booked up solid, day scheduled to the point of being revolting, but that's how we get things done around here.

  7. I would've had something to say about a three-day-weekend spent hauling hay...
    Next weekend, go hide. I suggest the hay barn.

  8. Work is the thing that stops me from writing; I spend a lot of time at work, and by the time I get home I just wait to laze around and not do anything! I'm determined to manage my time better, though, and do some writing after work, even if it's only a little bit. Good luck finding your time to write!

  9. Hmm...maybe you should schedule it. Lol! I was at a conference a couple of years ago and the keynote speaker talked about not being afraid to guard your writing time with a flaming sword. Lol! She was being serious though. Because the day will get away from you otherwise, and she needed to write to stay sane. It's okay to be spontaneous but not all the time! I had that exact problem with being too flexible, and then I couldn't relax and waste the whole day.

    As for the muse: a quote comes to mind: "Inspiration exists but let it find you working." You can't wait for the muse to show up, you have to sit down anyway. Or at least tempt it with poetry. :P

    Seriously though, I know writers who saw a lot of progress scheduling just one hour a day. Like say, take care of the cows in the morning then write from say 9 to 10, then you can be flexible and spontaneous the rest of the day. And relaxed. I've heard of people being able to write on schedule just because they've gotten into the habit of doing it. :)

    Butting in because I care. ^_^

  10. Like you, I theoretically have all day to write. But I rarely do. During the first year of my retirement from teaching, I tried to force myself to stick to a schedule, or a word count goal, or something.

    It just didn't happen.

    I already knew this about myself, but that year taught me that I can't change it: I write first drafts late at night. I can revise and edit all day long.

    So, when it's a first draft, I don't even try to start until evening. But when it comes to revision and editing, I can pack in the hours!

  11. Grab those moments, that's how it is for me, also. I get to work it in around homesteading, kids, etc.

  12. I have to grab moments as well. It irritates me because I'm a freelance writer that some people think I don't actually work and have free time to be called at random. I mean, come on, my pay comes from somewhere. I'm not financed by my bed. In the purse sense people. Sleep. Anyway yes Tonja life can be unpredictable and we have to grab free time when we can.

  13. I can relate. I have to grab those moments myself. It does seem like once I have a nice writing time planned something comes up. But sometimes those interruptions inspire my writing.

  14. We need to form a group. I'm the same way. I think the multitude of flexibility to my schedule makes me not respect any sort of schedule. I often fill it up quickly with favors and unexpected stuff.

    I totally understand about the tractors. When my husband would bail hay, he'd always take the day before to grease everything and try to predict what was going to break and have the parts ready. (His parent's farm is an hour from any parts stores, so it's good to have some things handy.)

  15. I couldn't help but chuckle about your husband's announcement. So much for that relaxing weekend!
    I share that same problem - when I have all the time in the world to write my muse always disappears.

  16. Oy, my dad did not enjoy hay bailing when he grew up on a farm. I hope you don't dislike it as much as he did. And, yes, the less else I have to do, the less writing I get done. Weird.

  17. My writing schedule is just like yours — grab every moment you can and hope things don't interfere, which they usually do.


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