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Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things!

This is a weekly blog hop sponsored by the wonderful Vikki over at Viklit. The purpose is to simply remind us that it's the small things in life, which really are important. So help put a smile on your face and join in over on her website!

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) Rain! After 4 weeks without a single drop, the clouds finally moved in again yesterday. My poor animals need the fresh grown grass so badly, so this was a real blessing.

2) I won a $50 GC with one of the book review tour groups I work with. So yippee!

3) I finally got to write a little again this week. Not much, but it's so nice to get some things done.

4) We're going floating this weekend! It's the thing to do around here (I'm told). My 'boys' have decided it's time we go, so we'll be joining them tomorrow, drive to a river, rent inner tubes and one or two canoes, and simply float down the river for several hours (they told me they floated 6 hours last time.) I'm so excited. Hopefully, it doesn't rain though (did I say that???)

Since I'm now smiling at all these memories, I'll jump into something a little less happy. I've decided to stop my Grammar Friday posts. My review blog is going to be slowed down too. Although I LOVE touching base with everyone and even feel like I'm not doing it enough sometimes, I it's chomping into my writing time. Massively. So I'm re-balancing and re-organizing. See what comes out of it!

What little things put a smile on your face this week? Have you had any rain lately or are you sunning away in the summer sun. . .or sweating? Have you ever gone 'floating'? How's the balance in your life?


  1. Just do what you can. When the blog becomes a job, it's no fun.
    Glad you got rain! Now go float in it.

  2. Floating sounds really relaxing. This week...I'm celebrating nearing the end of the WIP and being a part of a really cool writing group.

  3. Laura - I'll have to remember to take pictures. With the whole crew that's going, it should be a blast.

    Alex - Lol! Guess that's called enjoying rain to the fullest.

    Michelle - Yay to the end of the WIP! Ugh! I have to remember to try to hook up to ours on Tuesday. Missing it terribly :(

  4. Floating! It sounds like fun. And relaxing. And wondrous. ^_^
    Yay for gift cards and rain! It rains where I am a lot. It stormed last night and looks like it wants to do it again, but I love it.

    You have to restructure things sometimes. We love Grammar Fridays, but we always have the archives! It's what the archives are for. Writing comes first. :)

    Have a great time tomorrow! ^_^ (Now I want to go. Lol!)

  5. Honestly, I hate the rain...but sometimes we need it. Floating sounds almost meditative...I hope you have a great time and make some wonderful memories!

  6. I love rainy days and it is good that you got some much needed rain. Floating sounds like fun. I hope you have a great time.

  7. Have fun in the water.

    Our winters are dry and I always look forward to spring rain.

  8. Glad you got rain and a gift card. Though I have to admit, I'm confused about the fun-factor in laying a floating tube for six hours. I figured I floated around enough in utero. ;-P

    No more Grammar Fridays?? *waaaaah!!* I do understand, though. You have to prioritize. You do have a great way of explaining grammar and making it fun. Maybe someday you'll write a book on it! :-D

  9. Enjoy floating with your boys. Sounds like it's going to be a good time with the family.


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