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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

IWSG - And up the ladder we go!

It's IWSG time!

Every month on the first Wednesday.... okay, this month it's a Tuesday, but even us writers aren't about to give up our 4th of July... writers come together to offer support, advice, encouragement or simply to shed our frustrations and woes with each other. Writing is a tough journey, and we don't have to do it alone.

Thanks goes to the brain behind this group, Alex J. Cavanaugh! If you want to join in or find out more (because there is so much more to this group) then head on over here.

Special thanks goes to this month's helpers:  Nicki Elson, Juneta Key,Tamara Narayan, and Patricia Lynne!

This month's question is. . .

What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)?

I simply want to become an author with several books out there and more to come. Making enough money along the way to do more than treat the kids to an ice cream wouldn't be bad either. (Big goal, huh?)

Has this changed over time? Nope. Not really.

For me, my writing journey feels like steps up a ladder.
Small articles published - 1st step.
Short stories published - 2nd step.
Novella thingy published - 3rd step.

And now, I'm carefully sliding onto step number 4 with my debut novel coming next year (February 5th from Dancing Lemur Press).

It's a fantasy / darker fairy tale for ages 9 to 12.

And I have a tagline now!!!


"I only desire your talent..."

Each of these steps feels like another rung up to the main goal, and each one is just as hard if not harder than the last. Hmmm... I wonder if there ever will be a last rung or if it goes on and on and on and on.

What about you? What are your writing goals? Or do you even have any???


  1. I kind of hope the ladder never ends - I want to keep writing! :)

    Good luck with the new book!

  2. Yay for your upcoming release! I love that tagline - very spooky :-)

  3. That's awesome! Little steps led to something big.

  4. Yay! Exciting times. How epic, and that tag line... Yikes.

  5. Little steps always add up! Congrats on the upcoming release.

  6. Omg!!!! I love your tagline!!! So fitting. Can’t wait to buy your book and hug it. ^_^ According to my previous goal of having some books published, I’m almost living the dream right now. Lol!

  7. Great tagline!
    I think having a ladder of goals makes sense. One step at a time.

  8. Madeline - Thanks! And I hope that ladder reaches to the clouds and beyond too.

    Ellen - Glad you like it!

    Alex - Always little steps. My legs aren't long enough for the super big ones.

    Crystal - Yay to the gulp! I wasn't sure the tagline evoked the right feelings...but it looks like it works :)

    Patricia - Thank you. One step at a time!

    Krystal - Lol! Then what are you going to do???

    Tyrean - I'm still awed by those who seem to grow wings and fly right away. But the ladder works too.

  9. Congrats Tonja! The tagline is deliciously creepy.

  10. Great goals. Much success with debut coming up. Happy IWSG!

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  12. I think there will be more and more rungs the higher you climb. Thats a good thing. Always something to look forward to. Congrats on the new book and keep climbing!

  13. I love the cover of your book! It's AWESOME!
    That tagline gives me the shivers...
    Congratulations, Tonja!
    Writer In Transit

  14. Michelle - Thank you! I wasn't sure it came across right. So it's great to hear that it did :)

    Juneta - Happy IWSG!

    Joey - I believe it's more a question of where those rungs will take us.

    Michelle - Thanks so much!

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