Friday, July 28, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things

This weekly blog hop is sponsored by the amazing Lexa Cain, and co-hosted by L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edge and myself. 

What exactly are we celebrating?

Every week, wonderful things happen, tiny things, which make us smile. But as time grabs us up, we forget all about these moments as if they never existed at all. This is the chanc
e for us to reflect back on those and remember that there are tons of things worth celebrating.

First off, I need to apologize. Thanks to a wicked flu bug (I hate those nasty boogers), I didn't get around to visiting everyone last week. But I will be doing my best this weekend to make up for it and can't wait to see what everyone is celebrating.

As for me, I'm celebrating. . .

1) #IWSGPIT - What a ton of fun that was yesterday! There were so many pitches and so many ideas that I would have jumped on if I were a publisher/ it's probably a good thing I'm not because I'd never get through looking at all of them. This is when I really respect these people.

2) Rain! We've had over 3 weeks without a single drop, which was causing my poor pastures to turn crunchy and brown. Yesterday, the clouds finally decided to play along and let some of that moisture go. Too bad that means I'll have to mow lawn again soon.

3) Tomatos! Mine are now turning red, and I'm bringing in bunches and bunches. Right now, it's a race between me and the bugs, though. I could spray, but I love the idea of having at least these tomatoes without any pesticides or anything else sprayed on them. Not that I'm worried. With fourteen plants, I'm bringing in more than enough to meet our tomato desires.

What about you? What put a smile on your face this last week? Did I raindrop land on your nose? Did you wiggle your toes in warm sand? Outrun a pesky mosquito before it could bite you? Find papers better well organized than you'd thought they'd be?

What are you celebrating this week?