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Friday, June 2, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things

This weekly blog hop is sponsored by the amazing Lexa Cain, and co-hosted by L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edge and myself. 

What exactly are we celebrating?

Every week, wonderful things happen, tiny things, which make us smile. But as time grabs us up, we forget all about these moments as if they never existed at all. This is the chance for us to reflect back on those and remember that there are tons of things worth celebrating.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) Nice day with family! Monday, Memorial Day, we went to my parent's, had a BBQ and the kids went fishing and kajaking. It was simply a lovely day.

2) A Skype session with my son! He's off in bootcamp (for those who don't know). His group won the obstacle course and as a prize, he was given back his cell for two hours. So he spent the entire time talking to us. He's healthy, looks ridiculous with his hair buzzed and says he's dreaming of the day he can eat regular food again without having to stuff whatever he can grab in his face as fast as possible.

3) Lawn mowing! Well, not the work itself - obviously. It's amazing how many machines are always breaking down on our farm, and of course, all of our lawn equipment fell into this category the last weeks. Luckily, my hubs is a tinkerer (and I do what I can), and sure enough, we got enough of it running to attack those weeds. Ho! Were they tall. And we have several acres to slash. But it's almost done and looks so clean and neat!

What about you? What put a smile on your face this last week? Going on vacation soon? Find a new book? Discover a delicious coffee? 

What are you celebrating?


  1. Aww, that's awesome that he spent that time with his family. ^_^ It's nice to do things like that on Memorial Day. It's been awhile for me.

    I feel like an overgrown lawn is good story fodder, but i know it feels better to have everything cut away.

  2. Sounds like you had a happy time with the farm and family. Bet the lawn is lush green mowed and trimmed. Skype sure is nice when you need it. Boot camp and the military can be so life changing. Hope he does well! Happy Weekend!

  3. What a great list of celebrations. We went fishing too :)

  4. I'm thankful for the time and a half I was paid today for working over Memorial Day Weekend. Also, we had a work bbq on Memorial Day, so I didn't have to pay for lunch!

  5. Glad you had a nice week and got to talk to your son!

  6. What's not to love about a family barbie (as we call them Down Under). I didn't know your son was in the army...is he, I presume your talking army boot camp not fitness boot camp. The grass cutting sounds like a nightmare. I live in a city apartment with no grass to mow and I am very happy about that. MY days of mowing the lawn on a Saturday afternoon are long gone. Have a great week.

  7. That Memorial Day BBQ, fishing and kayaking sounds wonderful! Visiting family is a great way to spend a holiday. How wonderful your son called! I hope he gets leave soon and can come home for some real food!

  8. Tonja,

    What a delight to talk to your son! I miss talking to DS. Things are strained in our relationship at the moment but I know in time this will pass. Things are always breaking down when you have a house, a car, or outdoor equipment. A few weeks ago, we were mowing the lawn and no sooner when DH stopped it the wheel came off. The bolt broke and it had to be replaced. Luckily we got it fixed in a timely fashion and was able to finish up the following weekend. I hate it when everything seems like a monumental undertaking. I reckon living on farm you face a whole more problems than we do, though. I guess that's something I can smile about, huh? lol Have a good week, my friend!

  9. Being able to stay in touch with kids via Skype is the best! Great Friday Celebrations.

  10. I bet that chat with your son was heaven! I'm looking at sending mine off in 1.5 years for a service mission and while he absolutely must go, part of me is truly dreading it.

  11. The peonies in our yard are blooming and the pink ones smell so heavenly. I need to mow my lawn as well. Maybe tomorrow.

  12. From what I've heard about boot camp, that's a damn good reward. ^_^ Glad you got to talk to your son. As for me, I'm celebrating just being able to work on writing stuff again and have it go well, as that hasn't been happening much lately.


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