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Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy book birthday, The Mage Tales!

It's always great to see writer friend's get their books out into the world, and it's even better to help them celebrate. So I'm very excited to have the chance to spread the news about a new series: THE MAGE TALES

This is a series filled with vampires, witches, mages and all sorts of wonderful, magical creatures. But what really makes it stick out is the light tone of humor and sass. It reminded me of a paranormal series with a little bit of the fun feeling found in anime. But before I say more, here it is!

"A mage should be able to handle anything, but really, the circumstances are getting quite ridiculous."

Joshua’s witch mother has been missing and presumed dead since he was a teen. Years later, when he learns she might be alive, all he can think of is finding her. His antagonistic vampire father agrees to help, but Joshua fears he has ulterior motives. The situation gets even more complicated when they discover why she disappeared: she possessed a mysterious crystal whose powers remain a secret.

Unfortunately, Joshua and his father aren’t the only ones interested in the crystal. As their search leads them from New York to Las Vegas to Rome, they’re pursued by the Paranormal Investigation Agency, the High Council of Witches, and yet more vampires. In the process, they uncover a plot to wake the deadliest vampire who ever lived.

If Joshua can find the crystal, he might find his mother—and stop a massacring blood-seeker from rising. But that means not fighting with his father long enough to hold off adversaries both human and supernatural.

It might just be more than one mage can handle.

"Ah, Rome. The city of Raphael . . . Bernini . . . Caravaggio. And an ancient and evil vampire who’s recently come out of a deep sleep." 

The mage known as Joshua is finally reunited with the mother who disappeared when he was a teen, but there’s little time to celebrate. His mother’s kidnappers may be dead, but their master—a merciless vampire who wants to rule humanity—is very much alive. And he grows more powerful every night, making followers and plotting overthrows. 

The only hope Joshua has of stopping this tyrant is a daring scheme that puts him in the belly of the beast—a beast that includes treachery, gas attacks, fake corpses, beheadings, and bombs. 

Can a few witches, a possibly-repentant blood-seeker, and a lone mage save the world? Or is the whole situation about to explode? 


"Oh dear. I think I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a fix again."

It’s been a tough couple of months for Joshua, a mage. After battling vampires, despots, and demons, he heads to Chicago for some downtime, maybe even a little romance. Unfortunately, fate has other plans.

Joshua and his would-be lover are kidnapped by two vampires and threatened with death. The vampires agree to spare them, but only if Joshua helps find an ancient statue . . . by dawn. But he and his kidnappers aren’t alone in their search. Three other vampires want the statue as well, and not only do they kill those who get in their way, they ENJOY the killing.

It seems this mage just can’t stay out of trouble, even for one night.

***ALL IN A NIGHT'S WORK is a novella of approximately 19,000 words. It is Book 3.5 of the MAGE TALES, but can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone work.

And here's the author of this fun series:

Ilana Waters!!!

 I once pet-sat an electric eel and crashed my car into a house, though not on the same day. Before I became a writer, I was reprimanded and/or fired for reading in every job I ever held.

You can stalk her on:



  1. These books have a unique edge to them--I like it. I'm going to have to add them to my TBR. Thanks for sharing, Tonja :D

    1. I'm flattered, Randi! If you want a free copy of the third, upcoming volume, I'm always looking for beta readers. :-) If you're interested, just contact me here: http://www.ilanawaters.com/contact/

  2. Great covers! I like how they mesh together so well. Congratulations, Ilana.

    1. Thanks, Alex! Deranged Doctor Designs did them, if you're curious. :-)

  3. Congrats, Ilana! I love the colors used on the covers. :)

  4. Hey Tonja--thanks for having me on the blog! The novella's also on B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and (soon) Apple. Or you can get it for free on my website! http://www.ilanawaters.com/get-a-free-book/

    Okay, end of horn-tooting comment. Thanks so much again, Tonja!!

  5. These are full of all my favorite things!! Definitely getting my hands on this! And the covers are gorgeous. :D

  6. Congratulations Ilana. Those are some beautiful, intriguing covers!!

  7. Nice covers and these look like great reads. Congrats to Ilana.

  8. Yay! The series sounds amazing. Seriously. Contrats, Ilana!

  9. This definitely sounds like a great series! Congratulations to her on her book birthday.


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