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Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things

Happy Friday! And with this wonderful hop, it's sure to be one to celebrate. Every week, the lovely Lexa Cain sponsors this hop to help us remember that it's the small things in life that make a difference. So even if the week was a little glum, think back to those small moments that made you smile. (or even the big ones). It's too easy to concentrate on the bad.

And to make Lexa's life easier, L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and me offer a helping hand.

This week, I'm celebrating:

1)Blueberries! The kids, I, my parents and a couple of my brothers and sisters hit the blueberry patch. We sweat up a storm! (And I felt a little guilty because it was my idea) BUT I now have 30+ cups of blueberries in the freezer for all sorts of upcoming treats.

2) A tractor! Last weekend at the auction, there was a small, garden tractor--something perfect for me to putt around on. So I've been putting here, and putting there. Lots of fun.

3) Gyros! In Germany, we loved to go out for Gyros and Donerkebabs, but those aren't very popular around here (and they just aren't the same when they are). My mother-in-law sent a whole can of spices for the meat, so we gave it a try. Yummy!

And that pretty much wraps up this week. What about you? What small things put a smile on your face? Go on an inner tube ride down a creek? Stop for a gigantic ice cream cone somewhere? Discover a new, summer drink that left you licking your lips?

What are you celebrating?


  1. Haha, a bit of sweat is worth yummy blueberries!

    This week we took our little guy to the zoo for the first time! He only lasted a couple of hours (it was quite hot), but it was fun nonetheless!

  2. Yummy. Blueberries are tops! Have a great weekend. X


  3. My redcurrants are on the verge of turning, so I shall have to pick them before the birds get there. Last year we lost the lot. However, yesterday, turning over some old carpet that we use to cover dormant beds we discovered a mouse sitting guiltily amid quite a pile of fruit stalks. Guess we can spare him a few.

  4. Mere Joyce - Zoos are awesome with kids! How fun :) I'm sure he loved it, sleepy head or not.

    Shah - I'm dreaming of all the baking I'm going to do. . .when the temperatures go down, that is.

    Julia - Oh, those birds are pesky! But you're right; the mouse needs a few ;)

  5. I love blueberries too! Always seem so expensive here though. We have some gooseberries about ready in the garden.
    Happy weekend :)

  6. I'm coming to your house for blueberry pancakes.

  7. Suzanne - Prices are high! As for gooseberries - yum! They grow wild in the forest, and I'm planning on going picking soon, but I hate all those ticks and copperhead snakes. Really ruins the fun.

    Alex - Can you believe the kids don't care for them??? But I'll slap some on the frying pan just for my hubs, you and me ;)

  8. Yay for blueberry picking! I can imagine all the yummy things you can make with those. I think we all deserve a pic of you on the tractor. (hint, hint) Your MIL is right - spices make all the difference. I use store-bought ones to make my Egyptian cooking taste right. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. you're so cute with your blueberries and tractor!
    Have you heard the song "Big green tractor" by Jason Aldean? You should!
    I love blueberries with yogurt, honey, and granola. YUM!

  10. What wonderful things to celebrate! Yay for blueberries! Our blackberries are popping out all over the place and beginning to ripen. I just hope we get to them before the birds and neighbors.. lol. And congrats on acquiring the tractor. What a lovely gift for yourself! I LOVE Gyros... there was a great authentic Greek restaurant in Tulsa OK I used to visit and they were to die for! Can't find anything like it here in my area of Virginia now, but I have my memories! Enjoy your weekend, Tonja!

    Lori @ The Rattling Bones

  11. Yummy, blueberries!! So many amazing things to make. ^_^
    Congratulations on the tracker! Putting sounds like fun. Lol!

  12. My next-door neighbor has a green thumb. I, transplanted city slicker do not. Sometimes she gives me strawberries. I hear rumors you can buy those at a store...

    Stopped at the Aquarium. There I got a delicious cherry shlushy. Also came up with an exciting part for my story.

  13. Lexa - I'm going to have to snag my hub's camera. Mine died months ago ;(

    Karla- No, I haven't, but I'm going to look it up!

    MR R- They are yummy!

    Ravyne - My mouth water when I think of them.

    Krystal - Putting is super fun...especially since the little tractor goes everywhere. Well, almost ;)

    Mark - Lol! My thumb is a weak green. That's why we go picking at other farms ;) Slushies are great on hot days...and if they lead to a story idea, all the better!

  14. Blueberries sound good! We got one of those Edible Arragnment things recently, so I've been munching on pineapple slices and strawberries dipped in chocolate! SO yummy!

  15. Mmmm blueberries! Makes me want summer back… And I love good donnerkebab. I like the vegetarian ones with lots of garlic yoghurt and chili.

  16. Great things here. Hmmm, blueberries. I've never been berry picking before, but it sounds fun and yummy.

  17. A tractor just to putt around on? Dang--I wish I lived on a farm! Personally, I celebrated my birthday--the big 2-1! Haha no not really . But it was a birthday, and I had rich fuzzy chocolate ice cream, and walked around the park with my BFF. :-)

  18. Mmm, I love blueberries! We planted five bushes in the early 1990s, but only one remains and thrives. The berries aren't quite ready for picking yet, but it won't be long now. I hope I can get to them before the birds do. It would be nice to make a batch of blueberry pancakes. This is something I haven't done in awhile and it was a favorite to do when the children were small. Now, it's just the two of us so it's fun to revisit old memories. Good list of celebrations!

  19. Blueberries are amazing! Definitely worth celebrating!


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