Friday, February 27, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things

Every Friday the amazing Lexa Cain sponsors a hop to help us remember that it's the small things in life that really make a difference. . . and we don't even notice them! So stop, take a moment and think back to all those little things (or big) that put a smile on your face.

And since Lexa can't do this alone, she has two awesome helpers:

L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge
Katie @ TheCyborgMom

Thanks, ladies!

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) Melting snow - Wednesday it hit around 50 degrees! Okay, yesterday we had a high of 30 (And 3 hours of drifting flakes), and today it isn't suppose to be much better, but tomorrow and the next day and the next day, the temperatures are said to remain above freezing. Yippeee!

2) Lasagna! The kids reminded me that it's been forever since we had some, so I baked up a big pan this week. Yum.

3) Tea. Hot in the winter and iced in the summer. Oh, and NO sugar please. Seriously, I don't know where I'd be without my tea.

And what about you? What brought a smile to your face? A kitten? A snowman? A hot bath? What are you celebrating this week???