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Friday, November 21, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

Yo-ho-ho! It's time again to get stack all those awesome things that happened to us this last week together, grab some confetti and have a real celebration!

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All we have to do is remember those small things (or big) which put a smile on our face this last week. Easy, huh?

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1)  Winning the Realms Faire big prize! (this is a type of internet jousting and games week put on by M. Pax and supported by TONS of authors. If you missed it this year, do not make the same mistake next year.) I was totally blown over. I thought those tons and tons of books were for multiple wins, but all those books for one person. . . .*takes deep breath* So my reading list is full for a while. Really full. Here's a virtual hug for all of those wonderful authors!

2) My parents called early this week announcing that they'll be stopping by for Thanksgiving. It's a sixteen hour drive for them, and we were really not expecting it. So yay!!!

3) I found a store with an entire section of 2nd hand ugly Christmas sweaters. Talk about gorgeous! Seriously, I am going to stock up and enjoy this Christmas season in the most awesome style ever. My teenage daughter is horrified, but too bad for her. Ugly Christmas sweaters, here I come!!!

4) I finally am part of an online critique group. Don't get me wrong, my CPs and betas are the most amazing, talented, super-fantastic people around. I'm not giving them up for the world. But the idea of being part of several people who monthly come together to work on writing is making my little heart pitter-patter. (Ugh! Now, I have to write on a schedule, though.)

So, what about you? What wonderful things put a smile on your face this week? Ready for Thanksgiving? Make a snow angel lately? Cuddle with a sweet dog or cat? Did you finally find that perfect Latte?
What are you celebrating?


  1. You won ALL the books??? I am in awe! I would have to build shelves! I envy your critique group. I must get going and find one. Meanwhile, I have an awesome Beta-read for this weekend! And I am laughing at the ugly Christmas Sweaters. Do post photos! Have a wonderful weekend (and a happy Thanksgiving!)


  2. Ugly Christmas sweaters...I'm LOL-ing over embarrassing your teen...fantastic! Don't they know that it's pure joy to embarrass them? :) Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. Enjoy your ugly sweaters.
    That was really cool you won the big prize. Hope you enjoy all of your new reading material.

  4. Congratulations on the big prize! Ugly sweaters - that's funny. I've actually used two to cover lamp shades for the holiday. So there's more use than just wearing them. make your daughter a large tote bag!!
    I know Thanksgiving with family is always a treat. Have a great weekend.

  5. Last weekend I was celebrating my 17 year old daughter's performance in the high school play. She had the biggest role she's ever had in 6 years -- the English teacher in Fame -- and she was wonderful. This week I celebrated that my 14 year old daughter told me she liked my MG science fiction WIP. She complimented it. This is a really big deal, because she is super-critical.

  6. Yay, parents! ^_^
    Ugly sweaters! Lol! That's SO awesome!!
    AND a shiny critique group!
    #rockstarlife ^_^

  7. Good on the parent's visit and the ugly sweaters. Enjoy the critique group. It will help!

  8. That was an amazing win.

    I might join another critique group since I write so much and am always in need of feedback.

    Enjoy your time with family.

  9. So glad you won! That's fantastic. Great news about the critique group too. Nothing like sharing time with like-minded people, huh? :-)

  10. YOU WON ALL THE BOOKS?? Mazel Tov! That is truly wonderful. And how great is it your parents are spending Thanksgiving with you? So great! :-D Also, if lovin' "ugly" Christmas sweaters is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

    And congrats on your new critique group. I hope they kick your grass. ;-)

    I am grateful for my little angel of a niece (really my BFF's kid) who is only nineteen months old, but already loves books! I got her a FROZEN sing-along one for the holidays. Her response? (literally) "Awesome!" (sounds like "Awzum!") :-D


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