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Friday, November 7, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

It's time again to think back to all the wonderful things that happened this week - especially the small ones - and let the smile form on our faces.

Thanks to Vikki over at Viklit!

This week is ending fast and furious, so I'm going to make it short.

I'm celebrating:

- brand new work gloves, insulated (of course). Yeah, things like this always put a smile on my face.

- a bonfire with hay ride evening. There was a great potluck too. Yummy!

- a nice sized pumpkin for a penny. After Halloween, our Walmart was over-stocked on pumpkins big time. So they actually sold them for a penny a piece! Bring on that pumpkin pie!

And what about you? What wonderful things happened to you this week???


  1. A bonfire, hayride, and potlucks. Good things to celebrate. Enjoy.

  2. It all sounds so good!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Cheap pumpkins for pumpkin pie? Now that's something to celebrate.

  4. A PENNY FOR A PUMPKIN?? I have to admit, nothing quite that awesome happened to me all week. :-P

  5. Hi T - what a week you've had. Insulated gloves - uh-huh!!! Food, folks, and fire - that's for me. Pumpkin price was a steal. Hope you bought enough to do those cream cheese rolls!

  6. This is indeed something to celebrate!


  7. Pumpkins for a penny! Whoo hoo for the awesome week! ^_^

  8. Hi. I missed the big pumpkin pie sale. Darn. One of my favorite pies. Have a good week!

  9. That's a great list! Pumpkins for a penny is terrific - and I adore pumpkin pie! Yay for gloves, the hay ride, the bonfire, and the potluck!

  10. Not much to celebrate for me. Had a small medical emergency. Everything is okay now, but looking back on last week ... not seeing much good to report. :(


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