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Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

Not only is it time to smile because of Halloween and all that CANDY!!!!! (Yes, I have a sweet-tooth), but it's time
again for Vikki's bloghop. Over at Viklit, she sponsors this weekly meme to help everyone remember that it's the small things in life which really make the difference.

Luckily, she doesn't have to do this alone. Thanks,

Diana Wilder
LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge
Katie @ TheCyborg Mom
CaffeMaggieato @ mscoffeehouse !!!

So go on...lay back. . .and think. What wonderful, little things happened to you this past week? There were probably more moments than you remember.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1)  Peanut butter cookies. My oldest son decided to discover the baker in himself and took over my kitchen last night. The result were lovely chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies. Okay, he forgot to add the sugar, but as long as one thinks about that before biting in, they aren't bad at all.

2)  My favorite antique store in town was closed all summer long due to illness. And now, they've reopened! Not only am I happy to see the owner back on her feet, but now, I can waste time wandering through the packed shelves. There are so many neat things there. In celebration, I finally bought a cookie jar. . .great for #1 above.

3) My youngest daughter woke up in the middle of the night and laid a note on my night stand. "I love mom." Is there anything better to wake up to?

Now, it's your turn! What wonderful things put a smile on your face this past week? See a last butterfly? Smell some pumpkin pie? Find some unexpected change in your pocket? What are you celebrating?


  1. Your daughter is really sweet.
    No sugar? Well, at least they have the peanut butter going for them.

  2. Oh, so sweet!!! Love the cookies, cookie jar, and note - it sounds like a wonderful week! :)

  3. Wow-you HAVE had a good week! I'm sorry your antique store was sick. ;-) Hmmm . . . maybe you can *sprinkle* sugar on the sugarless cookies. At the very least, they're good for diabetics. And what a great daughter you have (hope your husband wasn't all "Where's MY note?").

  4. Alex - haha! That's why they're edible . . .as said, as long as one knows what one's biting into ;)

    Tyrean - It was a slow, but sunny one.

    Ilana - *pfff* you're always finding my mistakes. She gave hubs and extra hug, so he's not going to complain.

  5. Your family sounds lovely. Cookies and notes. Perfect.

  6. Peanut butter cookies are the BEST! Hope you and your family have a great Halloween, =)

  7. Choc-chip peanut butter cookies! Yum! And wonderful you have a new cookie jar for them. Such an adorable message from your daughter. Have a great Halloween! :)

  8. Lol! That's perfect! No added sugar cookies. :)
    Aww, kids can be so sweet. ^_^

    Hooray for the antique shop! They have the most interesting things.

  9. Today I'm making peanut butter cookies for a neighbor shut in. That's great that your son was so thoughtful. I love browsing more than buying anything... especially when I go to Pa. at the holidays.

  10. What sweet kids!! My first attempt at cookies, I added salt for sugar (to this day I wonder- who puts a jar of salt in the cupboard?). They were inedible little bricks.

  11. Forgetting the sugar - sounds like something I would do! I'm sure they were lovely all the same :)

  12. Antique stores are so much fun to wander through! And what a sweet gesture from your daughter!

    Me, I'm celebrating the completion of a first draft last week!

  13. What a sweet note! Sometimes it's such a small thing that brightens up our day.


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