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Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things!

The wonderful Vikki over at Viklit sponsors this weekly hop to help bring more smiles to the world. Yes, the world needs more of those. And she does this in a simple way! All we have to do is remember those small things this last week, which put a smile on your face. So go ahead. Head on over to Vikki's blog and sign on up. Because EVERYONE could use an extra smile.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) More corn. This time, a farmer gave my neighbor tons of free sweet corn, which meant around 30 more ears for me. And that leads to the 2nd celebration. . .

2) Bundt pans.  Since I already have 36+ plus ears frozen, I thought I'd cut the corn off the cobs this time (for soups, casseroles and Co.). And I found this really helpful video on Youtube.

(Yes, even if you aren't into cooking and stuff, these little peices of information may prove useful in your life. Trust me. Life is wierd.)

Actually, I roasted the cobs in the over at 400 degrees for 20 minutes (husk and all), let them cool, took off the husks and then cut them. That way, the corn was ready for immediate freezing.

3) Wins! Have you ever heard of storycartel.com? Well, if not, head on over. It is a way for authors and reviewers to touchbase with each other. Anywho...they ran a contest last month for reader packages with books, chocolates, notepads, tea, coffee, chocolate....yes, chocolate is important. And I won! Now, I'm sitting here fevering for the postman to make the delivery.

4) Le Krunche. Never heard of it? I bet you haven't because my son came up with this word last night when my daughter's first self-made pizza stayed a little too long in the oven. He said, 'Mom, that pizza reminds me of a French spice." When I asked him which one 'le krunche' was his answer. Okay, we're cheating. The 'e' on the end is not silent. Not real French. But it's still tons of fun to say.

So have you discovered any cool cooking hints this last week? Invented a new word? Eaten enough chocolate? Coffee? Tea? or Milk?
In other words, what are YOU celebrating this week?


  1. Yay, neighbors and YouTube!
    And OMG, MORE YAY for the box of goodies coming your way!!! Erg! So, want to win a big box of awesome! Congratulations! *secretly wishing le postman would misdeliver your package to me even though I know that's not possible because we don't live in the same state! *cries*

    Le Krunche. Lol!

  2. I am part of story cartel but they tightened up the prize giving. It is still a great way to get books for free but nothing tops the selection at netgalley. Glad you got some free corn, you really love your corn.

  3. What a smart way to do the corn! Congrats on your win and the free corn :)

  4. I'm celebrating the approaching Fall, which is kind of like yours in a harvest-y sort of way! I love the title of your blog! Happy Friday!

  5. I was given some corn this week. Yummy!

  6. I'm celebrating COFFEE. I needed it this week real bad and it did not disappoint lol
    Great idea with the corn, by the way, yay! Have a nice weekend. :)

  7. Krystal - Lol! If you were close by, I'd share with you.

    Tyrean - Thanks!

    Sheena-Kay - Netgalley definitely offers a ton more, but storycartel is easier to glimpse through. They use to have more contests?

    Elizabeth - It was so easy (although my hand still cramped after cob number 10.)

    Jennifer - Thanks! Fall is a wonderful time :)

    Suzanne - Enjoy!

    S.K. - Ugh! I would kill for a real good Latte Machiatto. *sigh*

  8. Your life is just too funny, Tonja! Where do you met all these wonderful people who take care of your farm animals and foist upon you free corn? Ooo--creamed corn. I want some. Now you must make it. What about cream of corn SOUP? So good for those chilly winter nights!

    Haha--your son definitely has your sense of humor. Also your ability to make lemons out of lemonade. Or in this case, a French word out of Italian pizza.

    Also, congrats on winning the StoryCartel prize! You deserve it. I keep thinking it's like a drug cartel, where they will deliver contraband chocolates to your house. *shifty eyes*

  9. I love corn, but rarely eat it. Yay on the box of goodies.


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