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Friday, September 5, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

The amazing Vikki over at Viklit sponsors this weekly meme. Why? Silly question! Not really - no question is silly.

She does it to help remind us that it's the small things in life that make a difference. So think back. . .really hard. . .was there something this week that put a smile on your face? Something tiny?

Well, then go ahead and share!

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) Rain! After 7 weeks without a single drop, it finally has started to rain again. Gosh, my cows are happy.

2) You guys! Various people in this writing community have been giving me little ideas, words of encouragement, and little tidbits, which have really made a difference in my writing and attitude this week. Thank you!

3) My husband's birthday! For the first year ever, he didn't mope around about getting older. But he didn't have time. We spent the day at Wilson's Creek (south of Springfield, MO) and learned about the 2nd official battle of the Civil War.

This family hid in their cellar when the North and the South decided to have at it in the cornfield - uninvited. Personally, I would have been so angry at both sides for ruining my land, I think I would have gotten my cast iron skillet and hit a few of them over the head.
Poor kids. Could you imagine hiding in the cellar like that?

(Yes, it was a very sobering moment to see the battlefield where a couple thousand men had died. . . ugh, can I add that my youngest son searched the dirt hoping to find traces of blood so he could analyze it with his microscope???)

My oldest was hoping these were made of bronze and was dreaming of playing bank robber. 
Seriously, what's wrong with my kids?

BUT after we survived the battlefield national park, we headed home where hubs received a very special present from my older son.

A campfire coffee pot, so he can make original cowboy coffee.
Hubs says that surprisingly enough, the coffee grounds floating in the cup aren't really that irritating.
I'll take his word for it.

So what about you? What wonderful things did you experience or see or hear or taste or smell or feel ...*takes deep breath* what put a smile on your face?


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! We had a birthday over here this week too :) I love all the "kidbits" about your kiddos...very funny!

  2. That's what boys do, mom. Glad your husband had a good birthday. And it is those tidbits of encouragement that make all the difference.

  3. There's a story in my local area about an elderly woman who refused to leave her house along the Brandywine Creek in spite of the fact that Washington's army was facing off with the British army on her land -- very similar to the situation in the story you told. In the case of this tough old lady, she put her most valuable items in the pocket of her dress (silver spoons), locked herself in the attic, and watched the battle from a safe height.

    What am I celebrating this week? Not quite celebrating yet, but anxiously watching my In-box. For a change, the email I'm waiting for is not about writing. It's notification from a local animal shelter that we can have the kitten we fell in love with. Finger crossed!

  4. Man, your husband has nothing to mope about re: b-days. If I had a great gal like you, plus an awesome family (complete with strangely curious children) I'd do nothing but celebrate!

    Also, a campfire coffee pot is a a seriously cool present. :-)

  5. TheCyborgMom - Looks like it's been Happy B-day and craziness for both of us ;)

    Alex - Yes, they do. Definitely.

    Dianne - *crossing fingers* Here's hoping for you!

    Ilana - Lol! Strangely curious. Love that term. And aren't you full of compliments (thanks :)) ...if you were my daughter, I'd be wondering what you're going to try to get me to do for you next.

  6. Wow! Interesting week! I love the way kids imagine things. They are so funny! We went to San Diego when my son was about 6 and he asked where all the sand was and why it wasn't sandy. He thought San Diego was "Sandy Eggo."

    I'm glad you got some rain. We need some, too. They are thinking of fining people who use too much water and allowing us to water our lawns only on assigned days. :o(

  7. Aw, birthday fun! ^_^
    Looking for traces of blood, huh? Lol! Never a dull moment.

    You know, I don't mind coffee grounds all that much. Back when I was an addict, I'd drink coffee straight and plain. Not sure I could do that now.

    Hooray for the rain! We get about five minutes of rain everyday some weeks. It's like my city thinks it's in Florida or something.

  8. I'm not a coffee drinker OR a camper, but I've always wondered how someone could possibly make coffee over a campfire without crazy coffee grounds.

  9. Kimberly- 'Sandy Eggo', How cute! We had to do the water ration thing a lot in Denver when I was a kid. Only watering lawn every three days.

    Krystal Jane - :) Is your city as hot as well?

    Stephanie - They float everywhere! That's why I'll let him drink it ;)


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