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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

IWSG - Always Positive!

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Special thanks to this month's co-hosts:

How is everyone hanging in there???

That's just happens to run along the theme of today's question too.

How are things in your world?

As many of you know, we live in our own little valley, with no other houses in sight. The tiny dirt road leading to our house is pretty rough...to put it lightly. So, we're isolated year around. (Well, if you count my chickens and cows, we do have quite the party going on here)

 The kids are home from school, but then, they had so many snow days this year, it felt like they were home most of the time anyway. And we're very blessed in so far that my husband's job is essential even when many others should still fall away or close their doors. 

Of course, when the virus hits our area, it will be harsh. The population hangs toward the older end, and medical facilities aren't exactly huge or plentiful. 

But then, the small town near us is suffering already. Unlike 'city folk', office jobs that can be done from home are far and few between in small towns. Most people live pay check to pay check, and few earn over minimum wage. (Even bank tellers earn only around $10-$12 an hour here.) So, the closures have hit super hard, and I'm not sure how many will survive holding out for another entire month. Luckily, people wear quite a tough skin and tend to keep a positive attitude. This isn't the first hard time they've weathered.


On a happy note, my publisher informed me yesterday that Music Boxes is going on sale on Amazon!

The Kindle version is now available for....

*drum roll*

$2.99 !!!!

Here - Amazon!

Add the fact that Amazon's been keeping the paperback at a low price around $6 too (I just peeked in to make sure), and it's a great time to pick up a copy!  It's been getting lots of wonderful reviews and still is. So, if you know of some kids stuck at home, this might make a lovely treat.

Oh, and the audio book version is also available...nice and cheap when purchased along with the paperback. (So, I'm told)

There's a lovely, new image too! (Tons going on!)

Stay safe and healthy!!!


  1. This - "(Well, if you count my chickens and cows, we do have quite the party going on here)" - made me chuckle. Thanks! :)

  2. And audio books are selling much better right now, too!

    I read that when it hits the rural areas, it will be bad. You and the kids continue to isolate. And when your husband gets home at night, hose him off with disinfectant before he comes inside. LOL

  3. Hopefully enough relief comes through that people can make it. Stay safe!

  4. I can imagine it will be hard when the virus hits rural towns that may not have as many resources as bigger cities. But hopefully all the social isolating may help it not get so bad in some of these communities. Hope it's true for you.

  5. It will be tough for medical people to keep up, but maybe in your area there's enough distance and not such a dense population. Those two factors may help. I hope so.

  6. Stay safe and healthy in your small hamlet!!

  7. It's a crazy time. Yes, the world has gone mad and everything is in limbo… neither here nor there… the global tailspin is crazy. Actually, it’s surreal.
    Stay safe in your corner of the globe, Tonja!

  8. Positive thinking is so necessary in today's world, Tonja. Actually, where you live sounds idyllic and wonderful. The book cover looks magnificent! All the best with these releases. Stay safe!

  9. I loved Music Boxes! I hope everyone takes advantage of the sale. My heart goes out to those who are hardest hit by the virus. Stay safe.

  10. I'm also in a rural town. I was talking to a lady who had been working two jobs and bow she has none. My husband is also essential, so we have income, but my job is over without pay and no access to unemployment. But it could be worse. We could have no income right now. Our population is also on the older side and WV has a high rate of diabetes and asthma. But so far, we're doing all right. We're still the white state surrounded by blazing red. And they say to watch for the second wave in the fall. And then a third- if flu history does repeat itself.

  11. Glad you and your family seem to be doing okay. Yes, this is very hard for people who can't work from home. I feel very fortunate that I am still able to work, thanks to the Internet!


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