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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday Whittleings...and where those whittleings wander.

Wednesdays are my day to randomly babble. Sometimes about children's books, others about writing, and whatever else strikes my mind. Random thoughts...random whittleings.

I'm a horrible whittler. Honestly, I've never done much whittleing outside of creating pointed sticks to roast marshmallows on...(if that's not a worthy whittleing activity, though, then I don't know what would be!)  My co-author, however, is a whittler and is creating some of the characters from our book. I'll be sure to post pictures soon, so stay tuned for that!    (See, I'm getting you hyped for later!  ...ummm...and I haven't told him I'd like him to take pictures of them yet. So, if he's reading this, now he knows.)


In other news, an awesome writing friend is celebrating the release of her new book in just TWO DAYS!!! I haven't read it yet...my 'to-be-read' pile has been getting the best of me lately...but I've heard so many good things about it and will be reading it. I'm a fan of her writing. So, I'm going to say...This Is A Must Read!

by C. Lee McKenzie
Evernight Teen
YA Contemporary / Thriller / Mystery

A bloodied knife. One young man's word against another. A lifetime dream shattered.

B&N https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/not-guilty-c-le…/1133757423
KOBO https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/not-guilty-19
SMASHWORDS https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/959648


Also, in the world of writing (is there another world?)

I'm going to be at the Barnes & Noble in St. Peters, Missouri from 12 to 3 pm this coming Saturday (October 26th.) They're planning quite the Halloween event (I've heard), and there will be an adult horror/thriller/spooky author there as well.

I've been told to come dressed for the celebration. I might have the perfect outfit.

So, stop by if you can. Plus, it's supposed to be yucky weather—a terrific time for a visit to the book store!


The super-awesome, amazing narrator, Nance Weber, put together a short video to help tease the audio book version of Music Boxes. I'm still over the moon about this and love listening to how she reads the characters.


And lastly...but not leastly...

Here's the on-going Tour line-up for the next week's stops and Music Boxes, conducted through Silver Dagger Book Tours.
There's a giveaway for a Music Box + Swag AND a $20 Amazon GC (2 separate prizes). Plus, there are guest posts, where I babble and babble and babble. Is there a prize for babbling?

Today, Wednesday:








  1. So excited about your audiobook! And it's fun hearing a clip after having read the book twice, because I know exactly what's going on! ^_^

    Your co-writer is whittling, you say? Yes, get photos! I want to know what you guys are up to.

    Congratulations to C. Lee! And to you on the audiobook!

    1. Lol! You're a Music Boxes expert ;)


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  2. Isn't it cool hearing someone read your book? She has a good voice.

    1. It's a little surreal. Usually, the story feels so close, I can't step away, but hearing it read by someone else detaches it a bit. Neat and strange.

  3. Lee's book was a great read. I enjoyed it. Definitely add it to your to read list!

    Now, I must find ear buds to listen to your video. I want to see if the voice matches the voice in my head.

    1. It said unavailable. Could be my last of a flash player, so don't panic.

    2. I can't wait to read her book!
      It's not your fault with the video. I noticed that when one taps on it, it says unavailable and gives a click-link to youtube. But it can then be watched there.

  4. You're going to dress up for your signing? I want pictures.

    1. Only a little bit. But I just realized I need a matching hat.

  5. What a fun signing! Definitely take pictures!

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