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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesday Whittleings—Walking on the Wings of an Airplane

Wednesdays are my day to randomly babble. Sometimes about children's books, others about writing, and whatever else strikes my mind. Random thoughts...random whittleings.

'Walking on the wings of an airplane' describes this last week in so many ways.

In the sense of freedom...   My youngest two are officially on Summer vacation since Friday, and my oldest two finished up their last Semester tests at college last week. While the oldest ones will stay in their apartments and work during the next months (college is expensive), we still will have more opportunities to meet up with them. Summer fun can begin!

In the literal sense...    With the new found freedom, I was able to get all four kids together for a family trip to Saint Louis and the City Museum. Don't let the name fool you—this place has very little to do with a museum in the traditional sense. It's a several story, gigantic climbing and sliding playground with caves, shoots, slides, jungle knots and all sorts of things. One highlight is a small airplane mounted a couple stories in the air with twisty stairs leading up to it and bridges leading away from it. To get to one of these tight, skinny, very high pathways, one must walk across the wing to the very tip and then, climb down. Not something for those who have problems with heights.

So tangled in the tree! (My one son had trouble weaving around the limbs)

In the sense of soaring spirits...  Friday held a huge surprise on the writing end. Music Boxes appeared on the Barnes and Noble Kids Blog as second on their list of recommended spooky middle grade reads for campfire chills!  I was shocked, honored beyond belief and have been celebrating ever since. To think that the B&N blogger noticed Music Boxes and placed it among best-selling authors and from the big publishing houses is just... just...  

Well, to say that I'm blown away is an understatement.

 I'll be happy to have a day or two now with my feet back on the ground... or maybe, another walk on the wings would be fun!


  1. That sounds like a fun place to explore.
    Awesome Barnes and Noble mentioned your book!

  2. Sounds fun!

    And whoo-hoo on Barnes and Noble - congratulations!!! :)

  3. Congrats on about your book on B&N!

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