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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


It's time for another meeting of The Insecure Writer's Support Group, otherwise known as. . .


For anyone who might not know what this is, I see it as a type of Alcoholics Anonymous for writers. Not that we want to stop writing. . .oh no! But writing is hard on the psych. We are a strange group who is often misunderstood, frustrated, down, confused, or so euphoric, we hardly know what to do with ourselves. And here is where we come with all of those doubts, fears, suggestions and words of encouragement.

If you want to learn more, head on over here. 

Alex Cavanaugh's helpers this month are:  Mary Aalgaard,Bish Denham, Jennifer Hawes, Diane Burton, and Gwen Gardner! Thanks guys for all that you do!

This month I have not been able to reach all of my writing goals. I could blame it on my computer, which was on its death-bed for a few weeks, but I also wasn't in the swing of things. So, this month's question fits right in for me.

 How do you celebrate when you achieve a writing goal/ finish a story?

I take time off.
I sit back, enjoy a movie or a book. Or shut the laptop and stroll across my farm. My brain needs a little bit of time to reboot before diving into whatever I need to do next.

Oh, and I don't mind grabbing one shot of Bailey's or a whiskey and just smiling into space, enjoying the freeing feeling that completing something gives.

What about you? What do you do when you hit one of those writing goals or finish up edits or what-nots? Do you go bungee-jumping? Take a few hour nap? Put on those fancy shoes and hit the town?

How do you celebrate?


Now, for something completely different. . .

I reviewed a lovely board book over on Bookworm for Kids a couple of weeks ago, and after seeing it, the author, Deb Gruelle, was nice enough to offer a signed copy to me to give away! *squeal*

If you'd like to take a peek at my review, head on over here.

If you'd like to throw in your hat for a chance to win this beautiful book (and it is pretty with shining stars and everything), just say so below and leave your email address or Twitter name so I can get a hold of you.

The winner will be drawn at midnight on March 17th and be announced here on Kidbits as well as over on Bookworm for Kids on March 18th. The winner will also be contacted over email or Twitter (depending on what they leave in the comments) and has 48 hours to claim their prize.

Little print: The author is sponsoring this giveaway. The winner must be a resident of the U.S. and there is no possibility of a monetary or substitute prize. And who would want that anyway? The book is really a treat as it is.

Super little print: Even if you don't have a little child, I bet you know someone who does and would love the treat!


  1. I'm not jumping off of anything.
    Nothing wrong with a good movie.

  2. Alex's comment about not jumping off anything made me laugh. :)

    A nap is definitely more my speed.

  3. I like saving up a movie or TV series to watch after I've accomplished something. And of course a Baileys wouldn't hurt either.

  4. Taking time off is one great way to celebrate! Love the cover on that book you reviewed. Very sweet.

  5. I also take a breather. Netflix often goes unwatched when I'm writing, so I like to catch up on a few things and chill. ^_^ I've been on a longer break than normal, and I'm starting to bounce off the walls a little. Ha.

    Cute picture book! You can put my name in the hat! :)

  6. It's always important to take time off. Writing is incredibly draining on the brain and emotions.

  7. Jumping off something isn't my idea of celebrating, so I'll pass on that. LOL

  8. Dittos on the no jumping philosophy. LOL

    I like to take a day to clear out some of the dust bunnies and moldy laundry that builds up. I always get a little obsessive at the end of a project and only want to do that until done, so my home kind of goes to the birds.

  9. A nice long walk, movie, and or a shot of Bailey's works for me!!!

  10. Maybe a glass of wine on the sofa with my feet up.

  11. It's weird to no longer have kids who read picture books. They've finally gotten too old. That book looks cute. Taking a break sounds lovely when you finish things.

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