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Friday, February 2, 2018

Celebrate the Small Things

It's that time of the week again—time to celebrate! (I love celebrations, don't you?)

So, what are we celebrating?

Anything. . .everything! Every week, things happen which put a smile on our faces. Although some are hard to forget, others are more passing moments. But it's these small things in life which can make all the difference.

Thanks to Lexa Cain and her co-host, L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edgewe can sit back for a second and remember these happy moments.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) A surprise visit from my daughter! She decided to come home yesterday evening out of the blue. Although she's only 1 1/2 hours away at college, we don't see her very often. So we enjoyed it.

2) Eggs! My chickens have been on a laying pause for several months, but this week, they graced me with 4 eggs. Keep it up, gals!

3) Writing! I had a short out to a beta this week, a synopsis out for extra eyes, and will have a couple things out of the door soon. Out. . .out. . .out. See how long we can keep this momentum going before it slowly runs out of steam. An energy drink for writing would be great. . .and no, I don't mean coffee.

4) Heading off into a new chapter of life! We had some sad but not unexpected news in my hub's job area ... *cough* company bankruptcy... but we're using it as a signal to go ahead and hack another thing off of his life's bucket list. Like many little boys, he's always secretly wanted to drive a big, awesome semi truck around and experience life on the road. So that's what it is! He starts training next week. He's a bit nervous and unsure, although a little excited too. I can't blame him. It's a pretty big jump from a doctor's degree in nuclear engineering and management to trucking. And being an odd German with an 'impossible to miss' accent, he'll definitely stick-out.
He's considering blogging/vlogging his adventures, which knowing my husband, will include quite a different twist on things. . . but isn't that always the case with engineers?

Anyway, that wraps up our week.

What about you? What put a smile on your face this last week? Dip your toes in a lake or stream or puddle? Go ice skating? Take a bite of the most fantastically greasy and unhealthy hamburger ever?

What are you celebrating?


  1. Wow, that is quite a change in careers. I hope he really enjoys it.

  2. Yay for surprise visit!! And yay for writing!! ^_^

    Four eggs is definitely worth celebrating in the middle of "can't make its mind" winter. Good news that the husband already has a job lined up! My brother-in-law drives a truck around. They run into some interesting people.

  3. I hope your hubby enjoys it. My uncle was a truck driver for many years and he has all sorts of tales from it.

  4. Hi—yes that is a jump for your husband, but he might enjoy a job with (probably) less pressure. Keep going on your writing, and happy weekend.

  5. What awesome things to celebrate, especially about your daughter's visit. Yay! Wishing you a great week!

  6. That's fantastic that your hubby is taking this change as an opportunity to do something knew and exciting. I didn't have a delightfully greasy hamburger last week, but I did have some chocolate chip cookies which a friend gave to me.

  7. Hope things go well for your husband - that's quite a big change, and a truck driver's life can be difficult. But if it's what he wants to try, I'm glad he's going for it.

  8. There's nothing better than fresh eggs, unless it's a surprise visit from someone you love!

  9. Your husband's plan for adventure sounds awesome. Bet of luck to him and enjoy your fresh eggs.

  10. Sorry to hear about your husband's job, but I think it's great he has a back-up plan that's so adventurous. Hope he enjoys his new gig.

  11. Wow. Talk about a change. I can't imagine going to such a different field, but I have a friend who is a bonified rocket scientist, and I know how often he had to move to find work. It's a tough business, these upper end science jobs. I'm sending good vibes and cheese your way!


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