Friday, February 10, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things

This weekly blog hop is sponsored by the amazing Lexa Cain, and co-hosted by L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edge and myself. 

What exactly are we celebrating?

Every week, wonderful things happen, tiny things, which make us smile. But as time grabs us up, we forget all about these moments as if they never existed at all. This is the chance for us to reflect back on those and remember that there are tons of things worth celebrating.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) Sunshine! It's makes the world seem so bright and warms the cheeks. I leaned against a fence post this last week after feeding cattle and simply enjoyed the warmth.

2) A new monitor! Well, new for me. My oldest son bought himself a new one and left his old one to me. Old = half a year in his book. But it's a big one (27 inch) and has a stand which lets it slide up and down or turn head over toes (well, if monitors had toes). Anyway, I can put two documents right next to each other and still read them! I'm a happy writer.

3) The chickens are laying more eggs. Finally. I find it frustrating to feed 24 chickens and MAYBE get 1 egg a day. Kind of makes me wonder why I even have them. But as long as they make up for it, I'll forgive them.

4) Broccoli cheese soup! I made a crock pot full this week with home-made Flat bread. Cream soups are one of my favorite comfort foods when the days are still a little chilly.

What about you? What put a smile on your face this last week? Get to play in the snow? Go swimming? Clean those windows? Catch a ray of sunshine? Finish your MS?

What are you celebrating?