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Friday, January 20, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things

This weekly blog hop is sponsored by the amazing Lexa Cain, and co-hosted by L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edge and myself. 

What exactly are we celebrating?

Every week, wonderful things happen, tiny things, which make us smile. But as time grabs us up, we forget all about these moments as if they never existed at all. This is the chance for us to reflect back on those and remember that there are tons of things worth celebrating.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

This week was full of small surprises.

1) We caught two opossums! The tricky critters had dined on two of my chickens, so they needed to go. We packed them up and drove them to a lovely place they can now call their new home.
And my chickens are happy again.

2) My youngest son was accepted into the gifted group at school. This was a big thing for him since his best friend is in the group too.

3) The Christmas package finally arrived from Germany. My parents-in-law had sent it off the end of November, but it was delayed on the east coast thanks to all of the storms. We thought it was lost, but it came today packed full with tons and tons of Lebkuchen.

4) Looks like I'll have a small shout-out to make on the writing end of things soon. And this isn't the ray of hope I was talking about last week, but something else.

5) I've received several pokes and messages from different acquaintances and friends I haven't heard from in awhile...all in the last couple of days. So I'm feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

And that pretty much wraps up this week.

So, what about you? What put a smile on your face the last days? Hear a new song? Find a new book? Discover a new TV show? What are you celebrating?


  1. Aww...congrats to your son. You must be proud.

    Feeling warm and fuzzy is a good thing. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Congratulations to your son!
    That delayed package just meant Christmas in January.
    I think that opossum is saying lady get that light out of my face...

  3. Racoons scare me. We had a family of 4 that we had to get rid of last year. Hearing from old friends is always good.

    Marilyn @ Onbecomingawriter.com

  4. We have a baby possum that visits our deck almost every night for dinner. I know we shouldn't be encouraging this behavior, but after he/she eats, it will sit there and wash its face with its paws. Too darn cute.

  5. Bye opossums! Congrats on your son and secret writing news. Awwww surprise late Christmas package and getting contact from old friends? No wonder you feel warm and fuzzy! I would feel the same way too.

  6. Those are good things!! I can't wait to hear the good news.

  7. Opossum!! Oh my! Awesome video of it though. Congratulations to your son!! And yay Christmas package! ^_^ I had to look up Lebkuchen. Sounds yummy!

    I'm celebrating finally getting back to drafting. Whee! Can't wait for your news! Tell me now! LOL! ^_^

  8. So glad that you "relocated" the opossum critters. We actually had to live trap our cat back into the house (he escaped and went into "wild preservation" mode. He'd never been outside the house. It took two weeks and many captures (opossum, raccoons, other cats, a groundhog... you get the picture), before we safely reacquired our cat. Visiting from the #CTST. Have a great weekend! www.dianeweidenbenner.com

  9. I had no idea opossums ate chickens. Yuck! I'm glad they've been transported somewhere new. Congrats to your son on getting into the gifted group. You must be so proud! I'm shocked the package took so long to get to you. It's like TWO MONTHS! I can't wait to hear your news. Have a great weekend!

  10. Sounds like it's been a really nifty week for you. Awesome. ^_^

    This week, I'm celebrating getting some good work done on a new plot-in-progress, one I thought might not work out. It's been a little slow and scattered, but things are coming together, and I'm grateful for it.

  11. Congratulations to your son! I'm glad to hear your package finally arrived. There's nothing wrong with having a little taste of Christmas in January.

  12. Congrats to your son on being accepted into the gifted group, and to be with his best friend is such a big bonus!
    Very good news that your Christmas package didn't get lost and finally arrived!
    Have a wonderful week! :)

  13. Congrats to your son! And it is the little things that count. I'm celebrating discovering that the reality show, Alone, is on History Channel!

  14. Yay for the package! And your son...that's fabulous. You definitely have several things worth celebrating. You know, I love this hop, but I could never commit to posting each Friday. Whew! It would be the death of me. I so love reading all the happiness though.

  15. Congrats to your son! I'm sure he will love it.


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