Friday, April 29, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things

It's time for another edition of. . .


This is a weekly blog hop sponsored by the amazing Lexa Cain, and co-hosted by L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edge and myself. Every week, wonderful things happen, tiny things, which make us smile. But as time grabs us up, we forget all about those moments. This is the chance for us to reflect back on those and remember that there are tons of things worth celebrating.

This week, I'm celebrating. . .

1) One more day of A-Z! Okay. I'm not celebrating this one directly since I didn't take part this year. But I am celebrating for all of you who did take the challenge and made it through until today. That's quite the feat, and worth a major CONGRATULATIONS! HURRAY!

2)  A pony! Saturday, I met my parents at the small animal auction in a neighboring town. Talk about a way to get a good dose of super animal cuteness! They have baby goats, baby chicks, baby piglets, baby....well, you get the idea. They also had a Shetland pony, extremely well trained, with saddle and all. And I let silliness take over and bought that pony. I figure we might as well, since one never knows how long we'll be at this farm. Enjoy life. Right? So this is 'Vanilla'. (My kids named it)

3) A dinner bell! Actually, I'm a little late with this one. My hubs was sweet enough to install a pole for my dinner bell. It really comes in handy when everyone is off on their separate ways. (Not to mention how super fun it is just to stand there and make tons of noise - dong!dong!dong!dong!)

What about you? What wonderful things happened this week which put a smile on your face? Did you see a butterfly? Get to drive on a newly paved road? Find a neat coffee mug?

What are you celebrating?

And just in case you can't think of anything... how about entering a giveaway? I have this lovely one running for about another week for one paperback copy of DREAM WALKERS DESTINY and it's a super low entry. Why not give it a try?
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