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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IWSG and singing along. . .

Well...well...well, it's time for another session of IWSG! What's that? In the words of the grounder/founder himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh, it is a group with the purpose:

To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Curious? Then head on over to Alex's to get all the info because this isn't just any old ordinary writer's support group. This group is the writer's support group with the best people in the world and so much more. 

Thanks also goes to this month's co-hosts:

This month I'm singing along. Not happily. Not sadly. Just singing because I'm just not sure what else to do (and singing is always good.)

This last month has been a bit of a tripper for me. My agent decided to go on a break, so I'm floating for myself again. I received one rejection on one query (the only one I sent out so far) and should be writing a couple of shorts for things...(*cough* IWSG anthology, perhaps?), but inspiration's been set on low simmer. I have a MS out with a smaller publishing company, but the cynic in me keeps hopes pretty much at bay on that one. Maybe I should send out queries and find a new agent? Maybe I should write something totally different genre wise? Maybe I should head into things myself for awhile? Maybe I should just sit back and take a break?

What to do. . .what to do.

I'm not upset nor worried. It simply feels like someone hit a pause button. 

So I'm singing. Singing soft. Singing loud. And waiting to see where this whole unsure thing will lead.

What about you? Singing sad songs? Happy songs? Frustrated songs?

How's the writing world going for you?


  1. Or maybe try it all? Yeah, that might be overwhelming.
    Sorry about your agent on break.
    Hope you do contribute a story to the Anthology Contest.

  2. Your agent decided to go on a break? Sounds like a line from "Friends."
    Go ahead and query. Maybe you'll find an agent you'll like even better.

  3. Sounds like you've reached at an interesting crossroads. I look forward to seeing where you end up deciding to go.

    Right now I'm trying to keep my music dark and brooding. You know, to fit the mood of my current work in progress. Unfortunately, I've had an annoying pop song stuck in my head for several days now.

    By the way, I just ordered a copy of SuperHERo Tales, because we really do need a lot more strong female characters in fiction.

  4. This is an important place to be. It is a place of growth for you. I say enjoy it and sing away.

  5. Sometimes we all need to press pause. You'll come out of this rough patch, I'm sure :)

  6. A pause button is usually a good thing, it's that moment right before it all explodes into ALL good stuff! Sorry about your agent going on a break, but good things are coming. I can feel it! You're so consistent and so positive, there'r no other option. And yes, the anthology seems a great place to give your focus too ;)

    1. What's wrong with me?
      add "s" to there'r and delete that extra "o" at the end for me, will ya? lol

  7. My advice is to a) not be cynical about the MS you have out with the small press (if they reject, fine, you move on), b) send out more queries so at least you have those in the cooker, and c) write something new to recharge. Oh, and look forward to beta'ing a very important MS which I'll have ready for you in a few weeks. ;-)

    And keep singing. Always keep singing. Love that gif! :-D

  8. LOL. Sounds like it's time to go read a good book and let your nerves unwind. Any major decision deserves time to mature. It will either crush in on itself, or become a shining beacon of hope.

  9. I love singing! It's so relaxing. ^_^

    The "not sure what to do" stage is always hard. I know what I want you to do!! Finish FAST FOOD PRINCESS! Lol! You have something ready, you can always shop that around. It's really not that stressful if you're already working on something else. But I would definitely take a breather, regardless, work on some drafting, and figure out what you want to do. I'm seriously going to consider self-publishing and small presses with my next story, but I am going to query it first. Might as well. It won't hurt anything except my self-esteem, and that's been known to recover so...Lol! Just know, you can ping me ANY time you want and talk, okay?! ^_^

  10. Aw, man, your agent went on a break?! I'm sure you'll figure something out. Take a bit of time (and sing...I sing badly, but I sing anyway). You seem to know what your options are!

  11. I fell out of love with my WIP. I think we might be breaking up -- or at least "going on a break" for awhile. I have a Shiny New Idea -- and boy, are those new ideas SHINY. At least until you start writing them. ;)

  12. As long as you're not stressed, then all is well! Good luck on your submissions. Will you be seeking out a new agent or waiting for the current one to be done with their break?

  13. Ah, thank you for the clip. I love singing in the rain, both the movie and the real deal. :)
    If you aren't stressed, then sing away and let the next story take you to the next place.

  14. What a nice place to be. Keep on singing.....and let the creative juices flow.

  15. Sometimes we're unsure, the journey is slow, and the path is winding, but we'll find what's right for us.

  16. Singing in the Rain is one of my favorite musicals. Sorry to hear your agent decided to take a break, but maybe that means it's time for a change. Maybe you're on the brink of something new and wonderful. Go with whatever suits your fancy at the moment and see where it takes you. Good luck!!

  17. Hope you can figure things out, and enjoy the music.


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