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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready. Set. Write! Update. . .

Happy Monday, and welcome to another week of. . .

Ready. Set. Write!

What is that?

In the words of Jaime Morrow, it’s a summer long writing intensive with the purpose of writing, revising, planning, and keeping each other accountable. We will be sharing our goals on Mondays, keeping our posts BRIEF (2-3 lines per heading) so we can spend more time writing and less time blogging. You can sign up at any of the other host blogs (KatyErinAlison, Jaime) every Monday. And don't forget to hop around to encourage other participants. For more information about RSW and a link to our super fun buttons, go here.

How I did on last week's goals:

I was shooting for 5,000 words and ended up with a meager 1,000 or so. BUT I did receive a surprise beta read of over 300 pages and did get that done and back. So I'm still happy.

My Goal(s) for this week:

*sigh* I'm going to try for a huge 1,000 words, but with me (yes, me) having to tear off our old roof so my brother can come and put on a new one Thursday (seriously, the things we have to do!), it will be hard to get much writing done. Especially, since he's bringing his family of 8 with him. Oh, I'm looking forward to it; don't get me wrong. But it will keep me busy! Recipes anyone?

One Phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

Tidbits here. Tidbits there. Am I getting anywhere?

The biggest challenge I faced this week:

The same one that I'll face this coming week. The same one I faced last week. Maybe I'll just make it my summer's motto. I need more time.

Something I love about my VIP:

The sense of adventure. It's about three kids who try to find a treasure to save a grandma's farm (a contemporary (more or less)). Having them sneak through the woods in search of 'clues' makes me want to go out there and play in the trees and creek too.

And how was your writing week?


  1. He's bringing the whole family? I'd say just order pizza.

  2. 1000 words is forward progress and that's great! Though, I do know how it feels to not get as much done as you would have liked. From what you mentioned, you're super busy, so it would be really tough to squeeze in some writing. Hope this week goes well with all of the family visiting! :-)

  3. I feel the same way as Jaime. Even though you didn't technically meet your goal, you got SOME work done and you had a busy life outside of writing. That is something to be proud of!

    And I love that your book has a treasure hunt in it. My characters traipse about the woods and the creeks and the lakesides, too, and it's making me want to go hiking and camping and swimming and all the summer things! Good luck reaching your goal this week. You can totally do it!

  4. Best of luck finding time to write! Small goals are still progress, even when you're busy! :)

  5. OMG, yes--Alex has the right idea. Pizza--make or buy. That, or pasta and/or rice. Cheap, filling, easy. :-)

    Hmmm . . . did you mean *W* IP, not *V* IP? ;-) Either way, I like it. A VERY Important Project! LOL re: your tidbit rhyme. And 1K words is still 1K more than you had before. It was nice of you to beta, but don't forget to put yourself first! (except when beta'ing my project, of course. Then put me first). And it's funny how your daily life of exploring your new home is seeping into your writing.

    And yikes--good luck with your roof! :-O

  6. Family of 8? Hmmm... pizza and spaghetti... sloppy joes! :) That's a big crew to feed. I hope you are able to get all the house repairs done. They are no fun. At least you got 1,000 words and that's not nothing! Good luck on the goals this week.

  7. Alex - yeah. He has 6 kids all under 8 years old. And I did notice that Dominos has a special right now :)

    Jaime - I've noticed that when I don't have time to write is when I have the most drive to do it.

    CourtLeighLove - I know. I keep eyeing that tent when I go in the basement.

    Emma - Thanks! Any progress is still a step forward.

    Ilana - Lol! I didn't notice that typo *blushes* Of course, your story gets a top 3 in my priority list. . .ummm. . .next week I'll hit it ;)

    Kitty - Sloppy Joes is a great idea! Hadn't thought of that. Lol! With my own 6, it's a small army. Honestly, I don't mind working on things like the roof. So much better than cleaning house because you actually see the results when you're done and they stay.

  8. Sometimes 1000 words is all you can manage feel grateful that you got that much done! I only did 2000 myself last week without as much excuse as you had.

    Are the 8 old enough to wield a knife and chop stuff? Make your own taco night!

  9. You have to get up on the roof yourself?! You know, no pressure. 1000 words is good because it's a 1000 words closer to the end than you would be otherwise.

    Ooh, I like make your own taco night! That's fun. ^_^
    I think it's always a good sign when we're excited about our stories. :)

  10. Getting 1000 words out on top of beta reading responsibilities is great! I hope you can fit in some writing time this week with the roof project and family visiting! And also a few minutes of relaxation time for yourself, because it sounds like you'll need it! :)

  11. I love what you love about your WiP! It sounds very Goonie-ish with the search for treasure to save a home. Also, good luck this week. I know it can be hard to write around family time. And if gets done, it gets done. If not, enjoy that family! I hope you have a great week!

  12. A treasure hunt through the woods for clues sounds like so much fun! Love that idea. Good luck finding time this week to work. Considering you're going to have a family of eight staying with you, I think it's OK if you don't get everything done that you want to. ;)

  13. Haha, I love your rhyming summing it up phrase! And getting back a beta read in a week is pretty great, so kudos on that. Good luck for this week!

  14. Good luck with your roofing project. Housework can be such a deterrent from the other things we want to do -- but you'll be happy with the result, I'm sure. I used to love treasure hunting when I was younger :)

  15. Eight kids - oh my!!! My go to recipe for our large family gatherings is spaghetti and garlic bread. Or stroganoff.

    And YAY for treasure hunting! makes me want to set up something like that in one of my stories too.

  16. Tidbits here, tidbits there. They're what adds color to a story. And yay to a new roof. They are a pain to get, but they're worth it. ;)

  17. That sounds like a fun story! Treasure hunts are always fantastic, =) Good luck getting a bit of time in amongst your family visiting and your roof tearing (and be careful!)

  18. I agree with Ilima. Those tidbits will add up! Having fun with your guests and good luck with the roof. I didn't get any writing done this week, but I caught up on a lot of other little things.


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