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Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things and Grammar Friday!!!

The awesome Viklit sponsors this weekly meme to help us remember that it's the small things in life which make the difference.

Lol! I hope this post comes over right because I'm running low on sleep this week - just too many things to celebrate, I guess.

I'm celebrating. . .

1)  A shoe rack for my mud room. I found a cute little shop downtown yesterday with all sorts of 2nd hand treasures, and one was a black metal shoe rack which holds 20+ pairs of shoes. I was pulling out my hair with our massive shoe pile so far, and now, my worries are gone. Yippee!

2) I took an evening walk through our forest last night. Alone. It was so peaceful. I just sucked it in. Umm. . .so did the ticks (I found four crawling up my leg when I got back home), but no harm done. It was still great.

3) Hubs found a job! It's right in town (which is a major feat for one this size), so we'll get to see a lot of him still.

4) My daughter got a summer job too. Not a big one--just mowing a little lawn. But it gives her some extra spending money. Plus, the man wants her to ride his horse 2-3 times a week. She is SO excited.

And now, it's time for. . .


Last week, we learned that semicolons can be used to join two independent clauses. Independent. That's the important thing.

This week, we're going to see how semicolons can bring order into comma chaos! YAY! Think of it as a grammar version of Spring Cleaning!!! (That calls for excitement, doesn't it?)


Semicolons can be used to separate units in a series, where more commas are used.


I know. That sounds totally confusing. But it's not.


Joe has lived in Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; St Louis, Missouri; and Phoenix, Arizona.

Look at those semicolons. If we were to use commas instead, it would be a gigantic mumble-jumble! But with the semicolons, it's much easier to see where the breaks in the list are.


See, now you can head into the weekend without a headache and a ton more organized!

What have you been up to this last week? Any wonderful little things happen which put a smile on your face? Do you hate ticks as much as I do? How do you handle comma chaos? Any great plans to keep this weekend cool? 


  1. My kids have made so much money mowing lawns. They are like the self-employed of the teen crowd! Ugh. I hate ticks. Nasty little blood creatures. Congrats to your hubs too!

  2. Glad your husband found a job!!
    I hate ticks. Nasty things...

  3. I love evening walks through forests - I wish I lived near one. Although I wouldn't want the ticks!

  4. Eeek ticks . . . but yay for the nice walk through the forrest! Congrats to your husband and daughter, and best of luck to them, too! :)

  5. Aside from the ticks, that sounds like an awesome walk to take, =) ...and yes, I love when semicolons can eliminate some unnecessary commas!

  6. That's great about the jobs! ^_^ And aside from the ticks, peace and quiet is always nice. You're so brave. I'm afraid of the woods.

    Ooh, awesome note about semicolons today. I've wondered about that, because a list like that can get awfully messy.

  7. Elizabeth - Yay to your kids! Who knows what future in business awaits them ;)

    Alex - yes. Yes they are.

    Laura - It's the sounds that I find most amazing. So much life!

    S.K. - Thanks!

    Mere Joce - semicolons are cool ;)

    Krystal - Lol! There was a rustle in the tall grass and I could see something moving through it. Probably a racoon, ground hog, or armadillo, but I didn't get any closer to make sure.

  8. Yikes--ticks! I used to walk every day outdoors...I never noticed any ticks. That would completely freak me out if I'd even thought about that while I was walking out there.

  9. Ugh--ticks! I hope you disinfected those sites. And wear bug spray from now on. We cannot risk anything happening to you. Those could be vampire ticks. You could be turning into a vampire right at this very moment.

    Wait--thought husbles already had a job. Isn't he a farmer or something with you?

  10. I love me a semicolon. I have to stop myself from using them too much.

    Celebrate the Small Things. Love it! Such a great idea for a meme.

  11. Congratulations to your husband on his new job. Yay for peaceful walks in the forest.

  12. Okay, yes, I hate semicolons. Anything with the name "semi" in it feels like half an entity. Anyhow...

    Congrats to you and your hubby! That's wonderful. And I'm seriously jealous that you have a forest. I want a forest! Minus the ticks. ;)

  13. Congrats to your husband and daughter! Yay for the new addition to your mud room. But ticks? Eeeek!!!!

  14. Woot! What great things to celebrate!

  15. lots of good news and total congrats to the hubs landing a job! best feeling ever!

  16. CONGRATS to husband and daughter, that's great :) YAY.


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