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Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Twisted by Holly Hook with Giveaway

Deathwind Trilogy, Book 1
by Holly Hook
YA Fantasy/Paranormal
213 pages

Sixteen-year-old Allie’s going on the vacation of her life: tornado chasing. What can possibly go wrong with that?
But a terrifying, magical experience leaves Allie shocked and confused, and she learns that she now bears an awful curse.
Every time there’s a storm, she turns into a tornado. Literally.
Allie has no choice but to flee her hometown–if she stays, her new powers could harm or even kill everyone she loves.
She must return to the plains and find those who made her this way. But this journey is only the beginning of her adventure.
Twisted is the first book of the Deathwind Trilogy, a new young adult and teen paranormal romance series. The second book, Torn, is also available. Book Three of the Deathwind Trilogy, Unleashed, will be released in Summer of 2015.


Looking for a new twist in the world of paranormal? Well, this one has it and a nice amount of tension too.

Sixteen-year-old Allie is a girl with special interests--adventurous ones which her parents don't really understand. Despite the first impression (Allie convinces her uncle to help her book a trip for tornado chasing behind her parents' back), Allie is a fairly level-headed girl who deeply cares for her family and those around her. That she has a little rebel in her actually makes her even more sympathetic.

There's a nice cast of friends and family. Some support her, some don't--a level mixture on both sides. Even for Allie, it's sometimes hard to know which person will back her up and which not. This definitely adds to the tension and mystery, and in most cases, works well.

The plot is quick paced and there is never a dull moment. There are twists and turns, and lots of mystery with points that could never have been guessed or foreseen. I really enjoyed the introduction of the beings with this new special type of curse but did still see a lot of holes. There's several things not well explained and some smaller section simply don't make sense, but if these are over-looked, the story is definitely fun to read.

All in all, it's a nice adventure and a great read. Despite some character trust issues I didn't quite get and some more filling in on the logic behind the talents, this was a good story, and I'll definitely be looking into the next book in the series.

And here she is. . . 

Holly Hook is the author of the Destroyers Series, which consists of five young adult books about teens who are walking disasters...literally. She is also the author of the Rita Morse series, a young adult fantasy series still in progress, and After These Messages, a short ya comedy. Currently she is writing Twisted, a spin-off of the Destroyers Series due out in December. When not writing, she enjoys reading books for teens, especially ya fantasy and paranormal series with a unique twist.

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  1. Great review! This sounds like a fun read and fast-paced, too! Glad you liked it! :)

  2. That cover is crazy! Wow! Love your Tidbits! :)

  3. Such an interesting premise and I love that eerie cover. Great review and giveaway opportunity.

  4. Sounds like a really unique and interesting story!


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